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Bibutils in the Wild

I am aware of a number of projects that have (or potentially had) incorporated Bibutils or can use Bibutils in an integrated way.

Type Project Author(s) Description

  Gentoo package N/A N/A

  Mandriva package N/A
  MacPort port of bibutils Jochen Kuepper
MacPort port of bibutils

Bibliography Projects      

  KBibutils Robert Heimburger
KDE wrapper around Bibutils
  BibTranslator Christian Setzkorn
Web page wrapper around Bibutils
  Refbase Matthias Steffens & Richard Karnesky
Multiuser environment for managing scientific literature and bibliographic references
  RefDB Markus Hoenicka
Tool for network sharing of bibliographies
  Referencer John Spray
Document and reference organizer for Gnome
  BibDesk "amaxwell, hofman, mmcc"
MacOSX graphical bibTeX bibliography manager
  KBib Thach Nguyen
KDE reference manager
  opcit Jason Lerch
Bibliography manager with sqlite or postgres backend
  cb2Bib Pere Constans  

Bibliography management
  Plone bibliographical references management tool Raphael Ritz
Bibliography management
Text-mining tools for biology
  Connotea Ben Lund
Nature's online reference manager and social bookmarking service
  Spoken Word  
A project at the Saltire Centre at Glasgow Caledonian University to introduce spoken word audio and video for teaching.  
Academic research records and self-archived papers.